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中國納谷產業園 China Nagu industrial Park


China Nagu Industrial Park is located in the Xiayu Zhuofan Hotel of the Yang Coal Group. It is a cooperation project between the Yangquan City Mining District Government and the Yang Coal Group. Through the " government-guided market-oriented independent investment promotion approach, the joint Yang Coal Group has jointly built the city s leading and first-class"China Nagu" park. Attract high-end brand companies, innovative teams, and entrepreneurial projects to settle in the mining area. It also provides incubating acceleration services, comprehensive government services, and investment and financing services to enterprises entering the park, and strives to develop into a unique transformation project cluster in Shanxi Province. Encouraging the four major industrial clusters of advanced information technology, advanced intelligent equipment manufacturing, new materials and new energy; We will innovate and cultivate three major guiding industries: military-civilian integration, modern service industries, and urban modem agriculture. Major new product development projects that have application prospects, can drive major industrial innovation, have international and domestic leadership or advanced level, and key high-tech industrialization projects are stationed in the "China Naya”
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